Last updated August 8, 2023 bonus code enables bettors to claim the free bet. Here is a guide that will show you how to do that through registration. Plus, how to use it. Free Bet Bonuses offers its customers free bet bonuses that serve as promotions that they can use to enjoy the platform and have more opportunities of placing their bets.

There are different types of free bet bonuses offered by, including welcome bonus, Cricket Live In-Play free bets, Multi bonus and others. Below are some of them. Free Bet Bonuses

Cricket Live In-Play Promo gives bettors an R1000 free bet when they take R1000 worth of live in-play cricket bets within a week (between Monday and Sunday). Bettors must ensure bets are settled to contribute to turnover. only allows a minimum of 1.50 or 5/10 odds for a single bet or 2.20 or 12/10 odds for multiple bets and each leg being greater than 1.20 or 2/10 before allowing bettors to use the promo.

Ton of Fun Promo

Bettors can get up to 50% of their stakes as free bets when they bet pre-match on a player to be a top batsman in any of Test Match, T20, or ODI and the player scores a century. The maximum free bet a bettor can get is R1000 for this promo, and only a minimum of 1.70 or 7/10 odds for single bets or Bet Builders of 2.20 or 12/10 odds will be considered for the promo.

PSL Multi Madness

Bettors can get up to R100 in free bets when they take a multiple of 5+ legs. gives half of a bettor’s stake in free bets. So if a bettor places a stake of R100, he will get R50 in free bets. Furthermore, bettors need to place a minimum of R10 to enjoy the free bets.

PSL Multi Madness

Tennis Live In-Play Promo

Bettors interested in betting on Tennis can take 7 live in-play tennis bets to get their average stake back as free bets. In addition, bettors can get up to R500 back to use on other Tennis games. will only consider the first 7 bets taken in a week between Monday and Sunday. In addition, only a minimum odds of 1.70 or 7/10 single bets or multi bets of 12/10 or 2.20 odds with each leg greater than 1.20 or 2/10 will be considered.

19th Hole Promo

When bettors back a player to win the European or PGA Tour event outright before the start of the fourth round and the player loses in the playoffs, gives the bettors their stake back as free bets. only allows bettors to get the free bets when they place a minimum single stake of 2.00 or 1/1 odds, and bettors can only turn over the free bets on other sports.

Points Fest Promo

Bettors can also get their stake back in the form of free bets when they take a pre-match rugby handicap bet, and they lose even after their team scores over 35 points. allows bettors to use the free bets on other rugby matches and will only consider the first bet taken on a pre-match, full time, and handicap.

Footy Free Bets gives an R100 free bet to customers that place up to R1000 stake on EPL matches within a week. They can use the free bets on other soccer games, and they must accept the footy free bets before 12:00 pm on Monday. Also, bettors must turn over the free bets at once. Failure to do that would mean forfeiting the remaining free bets left behind. Promo

Five’s Alive Promo

You can also get half of your stake back in free bets when you back a player pre-match to be the top bowler in a Test Match or any ODI if he takes five or more wickets. The same is applicable for T20 if he takes 3 or more wickets. Bettors can only get up to R1000 in free bets, and they can turn over the free bets in other cricket matches.

NBA Rebound Promo

This is majorly for NBA fans and those interested in placing NBA bets. Bettors stand to get R100 in free bets when they stake up to R1000 worth of bets on NBA games within a week. The condition to use the free bets is that bettors must turn over the free bets at once or forfeit the remaining left behind. Also, the free bets can be used on other Basketball games.

Power Bet Bonus

Bettors can get a free bet of R50 when they take 3 Power Bets bigger than R50 within a week. However, the promo offer is only available on mobile, and bettors have to accept the free bet pop up that appears when they settle their last qualifying successful Power Bet. Free Bet BonusDescriptionClaim a Free Bet at
Cricket Live In-Play Free BetsGet R100 in free bet with live in-play cricket bets
Ton of Fun Free Bet PromoClaim a Free Bet equal to half your cricket stake
PSL Multi MadnessGet up to R100 in free bets with a multiple of 5+ legs PSL games
Tennis Live In-Play PromoGet up to R500 back on average stake on Tennis game
19th Hole PromoClaim a free bet equals the value of your stake in Golf games
Points Fest PromoClaim a free bet equals the value of your stake in Rugby Handicap games
Footy Free BetsGet R100 in free bets with R1000 spent on EPL games within a week.
Five’s Alive PromoGet up to R1000 in free bets for a top bowler in any ODI or Test Matches
NBA Rebound PromoClaim R100 in free bets on R1000 spent on NBA games within a week
Power Bet BonusGet R50 on 3 Power Bets that are bigger than R50 within a week.

How to Receive a Free Bet on

Users need to register an account with before receiving or claiming a free bet at

How to Register on

Registering an account on is straightforward, and you only need to follow the steps below:

  • First, you have to be 18 years or above, and you must be a resident of South Africa to register an account.
  • Visit the website and navigate to the top right corner, where you will see the “Join Now” button.
  • Click on the button and fill in your details.
  • Finalise your registration by clicking the “Create My Account” button.

How to Find and Claim a Free Bet offer on

Once you have registered an account with, it is easy, quick, and straightforward to claim a free bet at Use the following steps:

  • Visit the website and navigate to the top left corner of the home page.
  • Find and click the “promotions” icon to proceed.
  • You will be presented with all the promotions available on the resulting page, including those you can get free bets.
  • Once you click on any of the offers, all you need to do is to login into your account if you are yet to, and you can enjoy the offers.

There is a wide range of free bets available on the betting platform. But, of course, it all depends on the sports you are interested in betting on.

Generic Sports Betting - 200x167 Free Bet FAQs

How to use a free bet on

The free bets available on differ from sport to sport. While some can be used on the same sports a bettor has staked on, others have to be placed on another sport. For instance, free bets from the 19th Hole Promo can not be placed on Golf, and bettors need to use them on other sports. Users can check the terms and conditions of each free bet to find out how to use them on

Who can claim free bets on

Both new and existing users can claim free bets on However, new users must register an account before having access to the free bets. In addition, only bettors that meet the offer requirement can use the free bets. Again, users should check the terms and conditions of each free bet to claim it.

Why are the free bets at not working?

Free bets at will work as long as users meet the requirements. For instance, some free bets require bettors to meet specific odds before allowing them to claim it. Also, bettors may need to follow the instructions on each bet to claim them.