Betway Booking Codes Today

A Betway booking code can be generated when you use the new Book-a-Bet feature so that you can share placed bets and potential wagers with friends. Continue reading to learn more about it and grab the Betway sign up code to take advantage of the welcome offer.

What is Betway Booking Code for Today?

The Betway booking code for today is in your hands. Of course, you can be a ‘generator’ or ‘receiver’, so let’s take a look from both sides.

As a generator, you are the bettor who has either (i) placed a bet or (ii) built a bet but hasn’t staked it yet. The Betway betslip code is generated directly on the platform for you to share via social media or online messenger services.

The receiver is the person who gets the code from the bettor. They then log in to their own Betway account, where they can enter the booking code to build exactly the same bet.

Betway Booking Codes

How Do I Find my Betway Booking Code?

For the person creating a bet to share, you can find the booking code in your bet slip. There are two options.

  1. Build your bet – this could be a single, multiple, Lucky 15, or any other wager. Next, you must enter your stake and tap the ‘Confirm’ button to place the bet. At this point, a unique booking code is generated that you can share online or via your favourite messenger apps.
  2. The second option is the build a bet, but instead of adding a stake, you tap the ‘book’ button. This generates a booking that you can share; however, this bet has been placed.

How Do I Redeem my Betway Booking Code?

You open WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter, and you see a friend’s wager accompanied by its unique booking code. Here’s how you redeem it.

How to redeem the Betway booking code?

  1. Make a note of the booking code

  2. Go to Betway South Africa and log into your account.

    If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one.

  3. Open the bet slip and click on the Multi-Bet tab.

  4. Enter the booking code into the search bar and tap the magnifying glass.

  5. This will bring up the same.

  6. You can place this wager also or edit it by adding/removing selections.


How does Betway booking codes work?

The purpose of a Betway betslip code is to make it easier to share the same bets with friends and other like-minded bettors. It creates a more sociable betting experience, which we think is a positive thing.

How do I get codes for Betway?

As a customer placing or creating bets, the booking codes are generated within the bet slip so that you can share them. At the other end, eager bettors can get codes from various social media platforms and messenger services.

How do you enter a Betway bet code?

Once you have a Betway bet code, you need to log into your account. If using a mobile, you must open the bet slip. Click on the multi-bet tab and copy the code into the search bar. An identical bet slip is created with the same selections.

How do I use my betway code?

It’s optional if you want to use the bet code wager or discard it. Perhaps the odds have dropped since the first customer generated the betting code, so it’s not as attractive. However, if you like the look of the bet, all you need to do is add your stake in the slip provided to get in on the action.

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