Last updated August 8, 2023

All customers in South Africa who place a multibet with six selections or more are eligible for the Betway money back boost. The Betway sign up code can be used if needed.

What is Betway Money Back Boost?

This money back boost is a refund related to multi bets, also known as accumulators. These are single-line bets which bookmakers calculate by combing the odds. However, they are different to system bets which involve permutations and the bet can afford to have one winner or more and still produce a return. Hence, the multi bet win odds are accumulated but the bet stops at a loser.

Multi bets work on the basis of multiplying. Hence, the return from the first leg runs onto the second leg until each game has been calculated. Multi bet promos are common and include boosts on returns from all-correct bets. However, the Betway money back offer is one of the best concessions with South Africa-facing sportsbooks related to multi bets.

Betway Odds Types South Africa

So, every leg must win with a multi bet in order to generate a return. In normal circumstances, just one loser cuts the bet and that can be frustrating. Hence, Betway offers a refund, depending on the number of selections in the bet. This money back concession increases as you add more selections to the bet slip and the minimum odds change.

The table below shows the minimum odds and Betway refund for six to 21 or more selections:

Number of SelectionMinimum OddsBetway Refund
6 to 101.5 for all selections100% of the stake
11 to 151.3 for all selections200% of the stake
16 to 201.3 for all selections10 times the stake
21 or more1.3 for all selections20 times the stake

The main requirement is that there is only one losing selection in the multi bet. Even so, this refund is a good reason to register and place multi bets.

Betway Money Back Boost Terms and Conditions

The refund is subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • You must have a registered Betway account.
  • Applies to multi bet with 6 to 21 or more selections at minimum odds.
  • Free bets are not qualifying bets.
  • Betway pays the refund on the basis of a single losing selection.
  • The bookmaker credits the money back boost amount as cash.
  • A void match will reduce counting selections by one so if the bet has six events, it does not qualify.
  • Bets in pre-match, live and outright winner selections count but cashed out bets do not.
  • The refund is transferred within 24 hours of the outcome of the latest selection.

These Terms & Conditions are transparent and there are no hidden rules. Therefore, the Betway refund is achievable and the operator provides plenty of potential for multi bets. So, this is a good promotion that rewards the loyalty of existing customers, but new customers also qualify.

There is something to take on board and that is payout limits to some types of bet. Your multi bet may exceed this limit, especially if you have numerous selections, up to over 20. The bookmaker will adjust the money back boost depending on the number of selections and payout limits.

Money Back Boost Betway South Africa

How to Claim Betway Money Back Boost?

Here is a step-by-step guide to activating this bonus:

Register with Betway, specifying a Username and Password and the optional Betway promo code.

How to redeem Betway Money Back Boost in South Africa?

  1. Select one of the payment methods to deposit betting funds.

  2. Identify six events or more that can form your multi bet.

  3. Use banners and links to navigate to your preferred games.

  4. Click on the odds for your selection so the BetSlip is activated.

  5. Add your selections up to at least six and specify a multi bet.

  6. Enter the stake and place the bet.

  7. Receive this Betway money back boost if there is only one losing leg in the bet.

The process to claim your Betway money back offer is quick and seamless. However, you must be aware of the number of selections and how the offer can be affected by void games.

That is especially the case when you have one non-runner in a bet with the minimum of six legs. The bet is reduced to five legs so does not qualify. Even so,this is an excellent loyalty promotion for customers who register from South Africa.


Here are the answers to questions that regularly come up about the Betway money back bonus:

How does money back boost work on Betway?

The money back boost credits you in cash when you have one losing selection in a multi bet with six to 20 or more legs. The Betway refund increases as you add more games to the BetSlip.  

What does Betway refund mean?

The Betway refund means the bonus when you have one losing selection in a multi bet, in line with general and specific Terms & Conditions. It is paid in cash and not as a free bet.

How do you get refund on Betway?

You must register with Betway from South Africa, deposit funds and place a multi bet with six or more legs. Once the bookmaker settles the, you will receive the refund based on the number of events in the bet.

When does Betway refund you?

Betway credits qualifying customers with the refund within 24 hours of settling the bet. The refund depends on customers following the rules and meeting Betway’s requirements.

How to place multi bet on Betway?

You navigate to your chosen markets, add at least six selections to your bet, specify the type of bet and enter the stake. You then place the bet and your Betway account will be adjusted accordingly.