Hollywoodbets Withdrawal | How to Withdraw from Hollywoodbets?

Hollywoodbets has streamlined its withdrawal process, so you can easily complete the Hollywoodbets withdrawal process without stress. In addition, you can register a new account with a Hollywoodbets promo code as a new customer. This unlocks the bookmaker’s welcome bonus, which is a risk-free bet of R25.

How to Withdraw Money from Hollywoodbets?

The withdrawal process on the bookmaker is easy. You can choose to collect your cash from a Hollywoodbets branch if you have a valid ID with you. But this method is limited. The bookmaker has restricted cash withdrawal from a physical branch to a maximum payout of R5000, and payment of winning tickets in cash is limited to R10 000.

It is also subject to the amount of cash available in the shop. The bookmaker sends any amount above this limit to the bettor’s account.

So if you want to withdraw above the R5000 limit, you must use the online withdrawal options.

Please note that clearance periods for all Hollywoodbets withdrawals vary from bank to bank. Also, any withdrawal request submitted at the weekend will not be processed until the following Monday.

Here are the steps to withdraw money from Hollywoodbets.

  1. Log into your Hollywoodbets account.

  2. Click on ‘Withdrawal’ and select your preferred withdrawal channels.

  3. Enter the required details and confirm the withdrawal.

  4. The withdrawal request will be sent to be processed.

Hollywoodbets Withdrawal

Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Options and Limits

So, in addition to the cash withdrawal, there are two online withdrawal methods on Hollywoodbets. The first is the EFT method, and the second is the Cashsend. We will analyse the two methods below.

Withdrawal via EFT

With the EFT method, you are making the withdrawal to your bank account. Unfortunately, at the moment, you can only withdraw to a South African bank account.

Here is how to complete the Hollywood withdrawal process using the EFT channel.

  1. Log into your Hollywoodbets account.
  2. Click on the ‘Withdrawal button and select the EFT method.
  3. Enter your banking details and the amount.
  4. Confirm the withdrawal, and the request will be queued.

The minimum amount you can withdraw using this method is R50, and the time it takes to process the transaction is within 24 hours. If you are using the EFT method, please make sure that the name on your bank account tallies with the name on your Hollywoodbets account. If not, the bookmaker will decline to pay you.

Withdrawal via Cashsend

The withdrawal process has two steps. The first is withdrawal from your Hollywoodbets account into your phone number. Then the second step is to withdraw from the respective ATMs of the banks above.

First, we will look at how to withdraw money from Hollywoodbets South Africa. Then, follow the steps below to complete the withdrawal process.

  1. Log into your Hollywoodbets account.
    Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Process
  2. Click on ‘Withdrawal’ and select ‘Cashsend to cellphone’. Make sure your cellphone number is linked to your betting account.
  3. Select your preferred bank.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Confirm the transaction, and the withdrawal request will be queued for processing.

After this step, you will now have to withdraw the money from the ATM of the bank you use. Again, there are different processes, and we will analyse how to use the 4 methods.

ABSA Cashsend

If you use ABSA for your withdrawal, you will need a 10-digit reference number which the bookmaker will send via SMS when your withdrawal request is successful. You will use the Hollywoodbets access code ‘123456’ to withdraw the cash from an ABSA ATM.

FNB eWallet

All you need to complete your transaction if you processed your withdrawal with the FNB eWallet is a pin. Once you receive a message from the bookmaker that your withdrawal is successful, dial *120*277# to receive the pin, then head to an FNB ATM to withdraw your money.

Nedbank Send-iMali

Withdrawals with the Nedbank Send-iMali is similar to the others. You will receive an SMS with a pin if your withdrawal request is successful. You must provide the pin and your phone number to withdraw money from a Nedbank ATM. However, the difference with this method is that if you don’t withdraw the money within 48 hours, it will be reversed by the bookmaker.

Standard Bank’s Instant money

If you use Standard Bank Instant money, you will receive a pin and a voucher number. You will use these two numbers to withdraw money from a Standard bank ATM. You can also withdraw instant money vouchers using the voucher number from selected outlets that offer voucher withdrawals.

What to Do If My Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Is Rejected?

Even though the withdrawal request is easy, the bookmaker can reject your withdrawal request if you don’t meet the terms and conditions of the process. Here are some reasons why your Hollywoodbets will reject your withdrawal request and what you can do about it.

Lack of FICA documentation.

The first and most prominent reason your Hollywoodbets withdrawal is rejected is that you don’t have the complete FICA documentation. The bookmaker is legally required to only pay money to accounts that have completed the FICA documentation.

To complete the FICA documentation, you need some documents like a valid ID and a driver’s license that shows your address. Then, you can use Hollywoodbets self-service portal or send the documents to the FICA department of the bookmaker. All these are available on the Hollywoodbets website.

To complete the FICA documentation, you need some documents like a valid ID and a driver’s license that shows your address. Then, you can use Hollywoodbets self-service portal or send the documents to the FICA department of the bookmaker. All these are available on the Hollywoodbets website.

Trying to withdraw below or above the amount threshold

There are minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts per withdrawal channel. R50 for the EFT channel and R100 for the Cashsend channel. In addition, the maximum amount for any channel is R3000 per day and R25,000 per month. So the bookmaker won’t process your withdrawal request if it is below or above these amounts.

Change of cellphone numbers when using Cashsend

If you change your phone number on the Hollywoodbets website or your bank, the bookmaker may not be able to complete the Cashsend transaction. This is because the bookmaker pays into the number associated with your bank account. So the bookmaker will request extra documentation before processing your withdrawal requests.

Irregular activities

The bookmaker also will revoke any withdrawal request if it notices irregularities with your account. They may even go ahead to restrict your account for fraud prevention purposes. However, you can contact the customer care team to sort out the issues and restore your account.

Hollywoodbets Withdrawal FAQ

We have come to the end of this article on Hollywoodbets withdrawal methods. Below, we have answered some questions about the Hollywoodbets withdrawal. You can contact the customer care team of the bookmaker if you have any additional questions.

How long does it take for Hollywood withdrawal to reflect?

The minimum time for the Hollywoodbets withdrawal is 24 hours for the EFT and Cashsend channels.

What is the minimum withdrawal on Hollywoodbets?

If you withdraw through the EFT channel, the minimum withdrawal amount is R50, while with Cashsend, the minimum amount is R100.

What is the pending balance on Hollywoodbets?

Your pending balance is the amount in your account before the bookmaker processes your withdrawal request.

How do I reverse withdrawal from Hollywoodbets?

You can reverse a withdrawal request by contacting the Hollywoodbets customer care service. But that is if the bookmaker has not paid the money into your account. At that stage, it is irreversible. However, if you use Nedbank Send-iMali and don’t want to go through with the withdrawal, the money will be reversed back into your account if you don’t withdraw the money after 48 hours.

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