Last updated August 8, 2023

Before we answer the question, how does multi bet work on Betway? We have to point out that the option to place multi bets is only available to registered users. Thus, as a new user, be sure to register, and you can use the Betway sign up code if you are interested in the welcome bonus.

How Does Multi Bet Work on Betway in South Africa?

A multi bet is also known as an accumulator bet. In this market, players can place a bet with more than one event on a bet slip. Under your coupon, you will be allowed to select various events with unique odds and add them to the bet slip.

After identifying all events, you will now enter your stake in the slot provided. Betway allows a maximum of 40 events on each slip.

Multi bets have huge payouts for those players who manage to make correct predictions for each event. All odds for every event are multiplied to create a bigger value.

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Even with a little stake, you can win a reward if all goes well in your wager. Unfortunately, an accumulator bet has a huge risk because you lose the entire bet when you lose a single selection.

The accumulator market is designed for seasoned players who have experience in making predictions. For instance, they can place over 10 selections and win all of them. It is highly unlikely that a new bettor will win even half of the events on the bet slip.

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If you are just starting your betting journey, spend some time wagering on single events. Once you gain enough experience, you can venture into multi bets starting with two events as you progress.


What does multi bet mean on Betway?

Multi bet is a market where players can place a bet with several events but not more than 40.

What is the difference between single and multiple bet?

A single bet means that you place a wager by selecting only one event to appear on the bet slip. On the other hand, multi bet means you select two or more events to make one bet.

How to make a multi bet on Betway?

To create a multi bet, click on various odds for various events, and they will automatically appear on the bet slip.

What are the Betway multi bet rules?

The multi bet rules are that you cannot place more than 40 selections on a single bet slip, and when you lose one event, you lose the entire bet.