Last updated August 8, 2023

Learn how to refer a friend on Betway through this article. You can claim this bonus when available by using the Betway sign-up code and meeting all the terms. But you need to refer friends in the right way to get the bonus.

How to Refer a Friend on Betway?

If you have used the Betway sports betting site, you might already know its features, such as bonuses, live betting features, etc. You might want your friends to join the site. And the obvious question in your mind might be, how to refer a friend to this bookmaker?

The process is actually quite simple. But before we go into details, we would like to mention that the refer a friend bonus seems to have expired at Betway South Africa. Thus, you can still refer your friends to the site, but you cannot get any bonus in return.

Refferal Code

Had the refer a friend bonus been active, you could have received a bonus. It usually is a free bet bonus as a token of appreciation from the sportsbook. In that case, the friend you refer to has to register using a referral code given to them by you. Otherwise, you cannot get the referral bonus.

However, since the refer a friend bonus is no longer active, you no longer have to worry about a code. You can simply send the Betway registration link to your friend, and they can sign up. You can use SMS, social media, email, and many other methods to send the registration link to your friend.

How to Refer a Friend on Betway


Get quick answers to some frequently asked questions in this section below:

Can I refer someone to Betway?

Yes, you can refer anyone you wish to sign up to Betway. In some cases, you can even get a small bonus in return for doing so.

How to refer a friend in Betway via SMS?

If you want to refer a friend to Betway via SMS, you can send a link to their mobile phone number. Your friend can open the registration form and sign up for an account by opening the link.

How to refer a friend on the Betway app?

You can refer a friend via the Betway app as you would via the desktop site. You just have to send your friend a link to the registration form via SMS, social media, email, or other suitable methods.

How do you enter someoneโ€™s code on Betway?

If you refer a friend and there is a Betway referral bonus available, you have to give them a code. Your friend can enter the code during registration. Then both of you can get an additional bonus when you meet all the terms and conditions.