Published on August 4, 2023 
Last updated November 28, 2023

Interbet is one of South Africa’s leading online sports betting sites, with many betting markets and great betting odds. In this Interbet review, we’ll cover the sports markets and Interbet bonus code offers, among other things.

Interbet Review: What Does Interbet Offer?

Interbet is an online casino and sports betting site based in SA. It is one of the oldest sites in the country, first established in 2000. We carried out an Interbet review and found that it has remained an excellent site more than two decades later.

Interbet has clearly kept up with the time. Their website design is up to date and they have a lot of modern features such live streaming and a mobile app. It is one of the best sites we have found for soccer and horse race betting in the country.

Basically, in order to be registered as a licensed and regulated online casino or a betting site in South Africa, there are a few criteria to be met. One is that the website is legally registered. Another criterion is that it has servers located inside the country.

Since Interbet fits both these criteria, it is fully legal in SA. Punters can join this site and be sure that their Interbet account data will be safeguarded using the latest SSL encryption techniques and firewalls.

What is Interbet Bonus Code?

The operator’s bonus code is a number/letter combo you can apply when claiming a bonus offer, for example. This platform offers various bonuses that can include free bets, boosts, etc. and sometimes, they can be accompanied by a bonus code.

Interbet Promotions

How to Register at Interbet?

Registering at Interbet is a relatively short and simple process. If you have played at other betting sites before, then it will be nothing new. Even if you haven’t, don’t worry. We will explain it in the right here.

Firstly, visit Interbet. Find the Register button and start filling up the form. The details are fairly typical. After that, provide all the required details, including your personal identification number and proof of address. After you submit these, the registration will be complete. Finally, you can log in, make deposits, claim bonuses, place bets, etc.

How to Deposit at Interbet?

Fortunately, Interbet has a huge number of different deposit options for punters to use. For example, Interbet accepts most major credit cards. They include VISA and MasterCard. You can also deposit via Electronic Fund Transfer, also known as EFTs. An EFT payment is basically a direct payment you make from your own bank account. As you expect, an EFT transfer is relatively fast. Expect the transaction to be completed instantly.

You can also use voucher cards for Interbet. OTT Vouchers and 1ForYou Vouchers are both accepted here. Note that vouchers have strict limits – R3,000 per day. You can purchase these vouchers at every common store across the country.

Interbet also accepts Zapper payments. Zapper is the leading mobile payment provider in the country. Deposits made in this way are extremely fast and convenient.

Finally, there is the traditional method of making a bank deposit. You can drop the money at any one of the following Banks: Nedbank, FNB, Standard Bank and ABSA. The funds will be credited to your Interbet balance.

How to Withdraw Money from Interbet?

Withdrawing from Interbet is just as important as depositing. The process for withdrawing is very similar to that of depositing. However, the number of available methods is more limited. This is because some methods, like Voucher cards, would simply not work for withdrawals.

Generally, to withdraw, log in and go to the menu. From the account menu, select the Withdraw or Cash Out option. On the Withdrawal page, choose how much to withdraw.

You also need to choose which payment method to use. For withdrawals, typically credit cards, bank transfers, or EFTs are accepted. You can enter the details of your account where you want the winnings to be deposited.

The funds will be removed from your Interbet account balance as soon as the withdrawal is confirmed. It can take anywhere from a few hours to up to three days to appear in your account. Typically, mobile payments and credit card withdrawals are fast, while Bank deposit withdrawals are slow.

Interbet Sports Market Review

A wide variety of sporting events is always good to see at an online betting site. Interbet lives up to that, featuring 16 sports to wager on with great betting odds. Some of the available sports are Rugby, Tennis, Golf, American Football, Aussie Rules, Basketball, Boxing, Futsal, Handball, Ice Hockey, MMA, Snooker, Volleyball, Soccer and Horse Racing.

Out of all those, the last two are the most important games at Interbet. During our Interbet review, we focused specifically on those two games and their markets.

Interbet Sports Market

Soccer Betting Markets at Interbet

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It’s likely there isn’t a punter at Interbet who hasn’t watched it before. Hence, Soccer betting is one of the biggest markets at Interbet.

At any time, there are dozens of international competitions and leagues to wager on. Punters can easily bet on European leagues like the English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, etc. These leagues feature the top teams and players in the world, so they are always an exciting watch.

You can even watch various African leagues if you like. The African Cup of Nations is available for betting, as well as the Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya Premier Leagues. The Algerian Ligue 1 is also featured.

For each event, there are typically up to nearly 80 betting markets. This includes 1x2s, Double Chances, Both Teams to Score, Draw No Bet, Totals, Handicaps, Asian Handicaps, Half Time/Full Time, and more. Basically, you can bet on whatever aspect of the game you want to.

Horse Racing Markets at Interbet

Horse Racing isn’t as universally popular as soccer, but it is one of the biggest online sports betting markets in SA. If you bet on Horse Racing, you have a lot of markets and races to choose from.

Interbet features both domestic and UK races. For each race, there are different markets for different horse positions. For instance, betting on one horse to be the best in the event. Or betting on three different horses to come in the top three places.

When you place horse racing bets at Interbet, check out the HOT (Highest Odds Traded) bonus terms. If you find them reasonable, you can consider pursuing this offer.

Live Sports Review

Live sports are another critical part of any online sports betting site. With Live, or In-Play, betting, punters can place bets during the match. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities at Interbet. Here, you can wager on any ongoing live match in all of the supported sports.

The odds in live betting change from moment to moment. It takes a lot more skill and knowledge to wager on these games. If you want to be successful, you have to really understand the game itself rather than just the statistics.

Interbet also has a live streaming feature for some betting markets, like Horse Racing. This is a great option to have. Punters no longer have to find a separate stream to watch the race while they bet.

Esports Review

Esports betting is something quite new, comparatively. It involves betting on sporting events that are played in video games. Games like CS:GO, DOTA2, League of Legends, etc. are video games that are played competitively at a professional level.

While they don’t demand physical fitness and skill, they require just as much mental skill, knowledge, reflexes, and teamwork. They can be really exciting to watch, which is why Interbet has a small selection of Esports football games.

Exchange Review

The Interbet exchange is a platform for Interbet users to interact with and get odds from other sport betting sites. The great part about the exchange is that you can place bets on matches that are actually not at Interbet.

Rather, you can choose from any of the top South African online sportsbooks. Thanks to the exchange, you can guarantee that you will always get the very best odds. This is one of the most important reasons to play at Interbet.

The Interbet exchange betting is geared towards experts rather than beginners. While the markets are more limited, the odds are designed to be even more competitive. Punters can see data such as trading volume, betting percentages, wagering percentages, etc.

Interbet Exchange

How to Download the Interbet App?

Most online betting sites currently offer a mobile app. Thanks to the app, punters can wager on the games and make deposits from anywhere. An app offers an incredible amount of convenience, which is why we made sure to check for it during our Interbet Review.

Players can download the Interbet mobile app from the Interbet website. Find the ‘Betting App’ option in the menu to the left to download it.

You can do everything they need to from the mobile version of the website. You can view the list of matches, watch live scores and place bets. Also, you can claim bonuses, update account details, make deposits and request withdrawals too.

The app is available on Android devices. You can download it from the website and install it on your Android phone like any other third-party app. Just download the APK file, then open that file to install it. If you get any warnings about trust or danger, don’t worry. We checked it and made sure it was safe.

For iOS, they do not have a fully-fledged app. But you can follow the instructions on the website in order to add a shortcut to Interbet to your home screen.

Interbet Review FAQs

We have answered some common questions about this brand below.

Is Interbet safe to use?

Yes. Interbet is fully safe to use. Online betting is legal in South Africa.

How to contact Interbet?

One way to contact them is the live chat. You will find the button for live chat at the corner of the web page. Also, you can directly send an email at They will reply to your email within a day.
Finally, there are two phone numbers for reaching Interbet’s customer service agents: 021 4657340 and 0861 150 160. If you need help immediately, contact them here.

How to bet at Interbet?

Placing a bet at Interbet is extremely simple, as we found out during the Interbet review process. To place bets, you have to log in and find the match you are betting on. Click on the odds number to add it to the betslip.