Last updated August 8, 2023

Currently, bettors can purchase pre-paid a voucher to make a deposit and to access the Betway sign up code. Here, we provide a customer guide on where to buy Betway voucher in South Africa.

Where Can I Buy a Betway Voucher?

Overall, bettors can purchase vouchers, also known as OTT Vouchers, in nearly 20,000 retailers in South Africa to make a Betway deposit. In this section, we highlight all the possible venues where to buy Betway vouchers.

Boxer Superstores

Firstly, bettors can head to Boxer Superstores to get the vouchers. At present, there are around 300 stores nationwide, including in Cape Town and Durban.

22 Makro

Also, players can access Betway vouchers at one of the 22 Makro retail outlets in South Africa.



Alternatively, bettors can head to a Kazang retailer to purchase a voucher. Kazang specializes in selling pre-paid cards. Here, customers can buy and top up their Betway account with a voucher. Presently, there are over 35,000 Kazang machines in South Africa, including more rural areas.

Betway Store

Furthermore, if customers want to purchase a top up voucher online, they can do so through the Game website. However, the company also has many stores located in South African regions where players can top up a Betway account in person.


Also, GloCell is another service provider that specializes in online, pre-paid vouchers. Alternatively, players can visit one of the three stores to top up their Betway account. These are located in Durban, Cape Town, and Midrand.


Below, we answer some of the most common questions about where to buy Betway vouchers.

Can I buy a Betway voucher at Spar?

Currently, bettors cannot purchase vouchers at Spar. But there are several alternative locations listed above where players can get vouchers. 

Can I buy a Betway voucher with Airtime?

Yes, players can transfer funds online using Airtime and a Betway voucher. 

How to buy Betway vouchers online?

Firstly, bettors must buy their Betway vouchers in-store or online. Then, they choose OTT Voucher after logging into an account. To finish, enter the voucher code to top up the account. 

How do I top up my Betway voucher?

Bettors head in-store to top up their betting vouchers. First, they must top up a pre-paid card at a retailer. Then they can use the voucher code to deposit funds to a betting account.