After you complete your Betfred registration, you probably want to know what the process is for Betfred withdrawal. The bookie offers multiple Betfred deposit and withdrawal methods for South Africans on the website. This Betfred review will explore all you need to know about the Betfred withdrawal process, including:

  • How to withdraw on Betfred
  • Available withdrawal methods
  • Withdrawal issues and their solutions

❓How Do I Make a Withdrawal With Betfred in South Africa?

The withdrawal process is easy and straightforward. If you want to make a Betfred withdrawal request, here’s how to withdraw from Betfred.

  1. Log in to Your Betfred Betting Account

Visit the bookmaker’s website. If you want to access the site via mobile device, you can do it by using the mobile browser since the Betfred app isn’t available at the moment. Moreover, navigate to the login button and enter your login information. To withdraw, you must have a betting account with the bookie.

Betfred Login Details
  1. Go to “My Account”

After logging into your betting account, go to your account profile. Navigate to the withdraw button to begin your request.

  1. Tap on “Withdraw Funds”

When you click on the withdraw button, it will take you to the payment page. You will need to enter your payment information to withdraw your money.

  1. Enter Withdrawal Amount

On the Betfred withdrawal page, enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Ensure you take note of the minimum and maximum withdrawal when filling out the withdrawal request data.

  1. Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

Next, you will be expected to choose from the different withdrawal methods on the site. You can receive your money straight to your bank account using EFT bank transfer or other available Betfred withdrawal options.

Betfred Withdrawal Methods In South Africa
  1. Submit Your Betfred Withdrawal Request

If you’ve completed the Betfred withdrawal request form, you should verify it again before submitting it. Ensure you provide accurate payment information so you don’t have any issues getting your money. Betfred usually processes payments immediately, but depending on your payment method, it may take a while to receive the money.

💳 What Are the Different Ways to Withdraw From Betfred in South Africa

There are many payment methods on Betfred South Africa. However, not all of them are available for withdrawals. In this section of our Betfred review, we will look at the Betfred withdrawal methods, withdrawal time, and other important information.

If you know how to withdraw from Betfred, you can use any of these Betfred withdrawal options:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Standard Bank Instant Money
  • FNB e-Wallet
  • In-Store withdrawals

💵 EFT Withdrawal

South Africans have the option to withdraw their money on Betfred with EFT. With this option, you will get your winnings paid to your local bank account. Betfred withdrawal time with EFT usually takes 1 to 2 business days to process. It is safe, reliable, and very convenient. You can withdraw as little as R5 and up to R10,000 via EFT. However, you need to confirm with the bookie to know the limit. This option may come with withdrawal fees compared to other options.

💵 Standard Bank Instant Money

Also, Betfred accepts withdrawals using Standard Bank Instant Money. You can get your money using this option even if you don’t have an account with the bank. Requests using this option don’t come with Betfred withdrawal fees.

💵 FNB eWallet

Bettors on the site can request for their money using FBN ewallet. This option is available if you have an account with FBN. To receive your money, you’ll need a unique code and PIN from Betfred.

💵 In-Store Withdrawals

Also, the bookie offers cash payments for bettors in South Africa. You can withdraw your money at any of Betfred’s in-store locations.

Withdraw MethodsAverage processing timeWithdrawal limit
EFT 1-2 business days R10,000
Standard Bank Instant MoneyWithin 24 hours R10,000
FNB e-WalletWithin 24 hours R10,000
In-Store withdrawalsInstant – hours R10,000

❌ Restrictions and Conditions for Withdrawing from Betfred in South Africa 

Before using our guide on how to withdraw from Betfred, there are some withdrawal rules you should know. For instance, there are certain restrictions and requirements that you must be aware of when requesting your funds. If you don’t meet these Betfred withdrawal rules, you will have difficulties with your request.

🛡️ Betfred Maximum Withdrawal

The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are among the first things you should be aware of when making a Betfred withdrawal request. You may be able to withdraw as little as R5 from the website, depending on the payment option you use. However, the maximum withdrawal amount is R10,000, but it varies depending on the payment method.

⏳ Betfred Withdrawal Time

On Betfred, withdrawals are typically processed as soon as you request one. The withdrawal process may take a while, depending on the method you select. As a result, the Betfred withdrawal time can take as little as two hours or as long as two business days.

📚 Betfred Withdrawal Problems

There are several reasons why some people have trouble despite using our guide on how to withdraw from Betfred. None of the Betfred withdrawal issues, however, can be directly attributed to the bookmaker. If you are experiencing these withdrawal problems, they could be caused by any of these factors, and mention how to resolve them.

  • Minimum Withdrawal Requirement

Your Betfred withdrawal request will be denied if it is less than the minimum withdrawal amount set by Betfred. Make sure you research the minimum withdrawal thresholds for the various withdrawal options. If you submit a request for less than this sum, Betfred will decline it.

  • Account Verification

On Betfred, you will have to confirm your identity if your betting account is new. There is a FICA requirement set by the government authorities which bettors have to comply with. To verify your account, all you need is your ID or passport, a statement from your bank, and evidence of your address. Your account won’t be validated if you send papers with errors.

In addition, your banking and personal information must be identical. The only time Betfred will process your withdrawals is when your account has been verified. While you wait to submit the needed documentation, the bookmaker will restrict your betting account.

  • Wagering Requirement

It’s likely that you haven’t satisfied the wagering criteria if you received Betfred’s welcome bonus after signing up with the site. Before allowing you to withdraw the bonus funds, the bookmaker would typically need you to gamble them several times. You cannot withdraw the bonus funds if you don’t meet the wagering requirements.

✅ To Conclude – Withdrawal With Betfred in South Africa

Now that you have read this Betfred withdrawal review, you can see how easy it is to withdraw at the betting site. Withdrawal process is seamless, and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to withdraw. Also, it’s great that the bookie offers convenient withdrawal options that allow you to receive money straight to your bank account.

If you haven’t signed up with Betfred yet, you can do so to claim their welcome bonus. In the meantime, you can visit our Betfred review page to get more in-depth knowledge about the betting site.

Betfred Withdrawal – FAQs

You can start your withdrawal request after logging into your account. You need to go to the withdrawal page, fill out the form, and choose any of the withdrawal options. 

On Betfred South Africa, the minimum you can withdraw is R5. However, you need to confirm on the site as the amount varies for the withdrawal methods.

Betfred usually processes all withdrawal requests immediately. However, depending on the withdrawal methods you choose, it will take a while to receive your money. For EFT withdrawals, you may get your money within 1 to 2 business days.

Yes. Before you can make any withdrawal request, you need to upload your FICA documents. Betfred will need to verify your identification documents before you begin the withdrawal process.

If your withdrawal request is denied or not being processed, you should check if you entered the minimum withdrawal amount. Also, check if your banking information is accurate. If the withdrawal problems still aren’t resolved, you can contact Betfred customer service.