Supabets Review

Supabets is an extremely popular online sports betting site for South Africans. To learn more about the online betting markets, bonuses and features here, keep reading our Supabets review!

Supabets Review

Supabets South Africa is quite exciting to play at. It has lots of sports betting markets and some bonuses as well. When we signed up for the Supabets Review, we were given a large R50 bonus that could be used for plenty of betting fun. You can use the Supabet promo code to get a bonus as well!

The live games section of Supabets is also very well detailed. Most of the live betting sports and markets have great odds. The livescore is accurate and up to date.

The Supa Picks jackpot is very affordable while also offering the potential for a win. Supabets also have a lottery called Supa Numbers.

Wide Variety of Games No Mobile App
Lots of Bonuses and Promotional Offers
Supa Picks Jackpots and Supa Numbers lotto
Supabets South Africa

Is Supabets Legal in South Africa?

Yes. Supabets is legal in South Africa. That’s the first thing we checked for this Supabets review.

In South Africa, betting has been legal for more than a decade. Back in 2008, the National Gambling Amendment Act updated the gambling laws to be in line with most other modern countries.

Basically, gambling, in general, has been legal since 1994, with various laws passed in 1996 and 2004 to update them.

Punters can legally gamble on any kind of sporting event online. Whether its Football, Tennis or Horse Racing, it is allowed.

To be legal in South Africa, an online betting site must be audited and licensed by one of the main gambling or betting bodies. Each of the nine provinces in South Africa has their own betting regulatory bodies.

A betting site only needs to be legalized by one of the provincial bodies to be legal in South Africa.

Supabets is currently operated by Portapa 2 Ltd and has a license from the Mpumalanga Gambling Board. Their registration number is 2009/016148/07. You can cross-check this number at any time if you want to make sure they are certified and legal.

What is Supabets Promo Code?

Supabets has a lot of bonuses and promotional offers up for grabs.

If you use the Supabets promotional code when signing up, you will get the R50 Sign Up bonus.

This bonus is given out to all new punters. It will appear in your account balance at 7 am the day after you create it! You can withdraw the bonus if you fulfil the wagering requirement.

Normally, the bonus is in a separate wallet and cannot be withdrawn. However, if you fulfil the wagering requirement, any remainder of the bet will be moved from the bonus wallet to the real cash wallet, allowing you to withdraw it. There’s also another condition – you must make a qualifying deposit at least before you can withdraw it.

Supabets Promo Code

How to Register at Supabets

Registering at Supabets South Africa is very easy. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and start claiming the promo codes or placing bets on your favourite sports and teams.

To register at Supabets, all you have to do is visit the website. Use the button below to go to Supabets. From the site, click or tap on the Register Button at the top right corner. This will take you to a separate form.

The registration form is fairly self-evident. You need a unique username and password that you will use to log in, as well as proof of your identity. For contact information, you’ll be asked for your email and phone number.

They will also send you a text message or email in order to verify your contact information.

The real name, ID number or Passport number are needed because of FICA purposes. FICA ensures that all punters at South African betting sites are legitimate people and actually located inside the country. This helps prevent financial crimes or abuse.

After creating an account here during our Supabets review, we also checked out the login process. The process is very simple – just enter your username and password, then hit the button. The only possible complication might be if you forgot your password.

But in that case, you can simply hit the Forgot Password link and then enter your Email or Phone Number. A message containing a password reset link will be sent to you.

Register At Supabets

How to Deposit at Supabets

Making Deposits is also a necessary step before you can start betting at Supabets South Africa.

At Supabets, punters can make a deposit in a variety of ways. To start off, they must create a Supabets account and be logged in. The deposit button will appear at the top.

The list of payment methods includes Ozow, Peach Payments, 1Voucher and Instant EFTs.

To use 1Voucher voucher cards, simply enter the code in the redemption box. The value of the voucher will be entered into the account. 1Voucher cards can be purchased online or at various outlets throughout the country.

Ozow and Peach Payments are used as the payment platform for Credit and Debit cards. If you choose this payment option, you can enter your credit or debit card number and make a deposit from there. Your card information will be kept secure via encryption.

To make transfers from your bank account, you have two options. One is that you can send an EFT from your own bank. This can take up to three days and you must also email proof that you made a deposit.

Alternatively, you can send the EFT by logging in and selecting it as a deposit option from the menu. This is fundamentally the same process. However, since you are sending it from the website, it works instantly and means the funds are transferred faster.

You can also simply make a cash deposit from your bank. Supabets has accounts with FNB, SBSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank. You can deposit into any of these accounts. As long as you provide the deposit proof as well as your username as reference, the money will be transferred into your account.

How to Withdraw Money from Supabets?

Withdrawing funds from Supabets South Africa is also quite straightforward.

When you are logged in, you can go to the menu and request a withdrawal. Just keep in mind all the possible conditions or caveats.

For instance, one condition would be that you are not allowed to withdraw while a bonus is active. So, make sure you check the terms and conditions of any bonuses you use.

You can request the money be sent to you via any of the main payment methods. You can request that it is sent to your card. Or you can have it sent through EFT. Keep in mind that EFT withdrawals could also take up to 3 days.

Supabets Sports Market Review

Supabets has a lot of sports betting markets and opportunities on offer! A quick glance at the list of sports showed us nearly 30 different sports betting games. We checked out the games one by one during our Supabets review.

Naturally, the most popular betting markets were in games like Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, etc. These games are extremely popular and a lot of people enjoy betting on them. It’s natural for Soccabet to offer as many markets for them as possible.

More niche titles include MMA, Futsal, Bandy, Floorball, Water Polo, Stock Car Racing, and more. They are still popular games, but mostly for a particular niche of viewers and bettors. So, it’s a good thing that Supabets keeps them in mind and generates odds for these games as well.

For soccer markets, you have 1x2s, Double Chances, Over/Under, Half Time/Full Time, BTTS, Draw no Bet, Score before 10 minutes, and so on.

For basketball, markets include 1x2s, Over/Under, Handicaps, Odd/Even. Each of those bets can be taken per quarter.

For Cricket, there are also 1×2, Double Chances, Over/Under, BTTS, Score before X Minutes, etc. Cricket is very big in South Africa, as the national team is one of the best in the world.

These are for the popular games, however. Less popular games usually do not have as many markets as these games. In the worst case, they only have one market: Match Winner

Supabets Sports Market

Supa Picks Review

During our SupaBets review we also checked out the Supa Picks jackpots. There are 3 different SupaPick jackpots. Each of the Supa Picks have a number of selections and a huge prize pool.

The basic Supa Picks 12 jackpot requires you to predict the winners of a 12 hand-selected matches. These matches are all selected by the operator for closeness and unpredictability.

Next is the Supa Pick 15 jackpot, and finally the Super Pick 20 jackpot. As you can imagine, these jackpots are even harder to win, since you have to get 20 difficult predictions all correct.

If you get just 1 or 2 predictions wrong, it is still possible to win a small compensation reward.

Each jackpot has a very small entry fee. So, it’s worth entering multiple times to try and get a win!

In-Play Review

Another great aspect of Supabets is the live betting feature. This is, of course, a mainline feature in most online sports betting sites now. In Supabets, in-play betting is available for every single one of the sports betting categories.

So, punters can easily join a game in progress and start wagering on it. In-Play betting can be really exciting because of how quickly the odds shift. One moment one team could be the favourites, before they lose their star player to a foul and their odds jump.

Supabets also lets you keep an eye on the current progress of the match via the livescore. The livescore will display things such as the current scores, the list of players, previous statistics, etc. In Football, it will show the current position of the ball and which team is attacking or defending.

How to Download the Supabets App?

A mobile app or site is a must for any online sports betting site today. At Supabets, there is no mobile app. However, the mobile version of the website is very intuitive, easy to use, and has all the features.

So, customers won’t even notice the lack of an app. They can still place Supabets wagers or watch the livescore on a highly anticipated game from mobile phones. To do this, simply visit or else click the link below!

The mobile app would have some advantages over the website, however. That’s why we hope that Supabets eventually adds an app further down the line. Being able to stay logged in permanently, or get notifications for bonuses, can all be extremely useful. We look forward to seeing how Supabets covers these issues.

Supabets App

Supabets Review FAQs

What is Supabets?

Supabets is an online betting site for sports betting, based in South Africa. It is mainly focused on South African players and offers all the popular betting markets in the region. It is licensed by the Mpurmalanga Gambling Board.

How to contact Supabets?

You can contact Superbets in several different ways. The fastest and simplest way to contact them is via the help center.
Click on the Question Mark icon at the top of the screen to go to the help centre. From here, you can view all the different available contact methods: Live chat, Whatsapp Texting, Email and Phone Calls. The first two will get you a response within a minute. For emails, they will try to respond within five minutes.

What is the maximum payout on Supabets?

The maximum payout is limited to R10,000,000.00. Some maximum winnings are actually lower than this, while others may be higher.

What is a single bet on Supabets?

A single bet on Supabets refers to the type of bet. A single bet is basically an individual bet. If it wins you’ll get the payout. If it loses, you won’t.
This is compared to a multi bet or system bet where the results of several bets are taken together. In a multibet, for instance, if one bet out of five bets loses, the entire bet is lost. Single bets may not be glamorous, but they are safe.

How to FICA Supabets?

To ensure FICA compliance with Superbets, you must give your passport or national ID number and your real name at Supabets account creation. Later, you must also send them your address along with proof of residence, like a lease or a utility bill.

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