Last updated August 8, 2023

If you are a player in South Africa, you can bet on Hollywoodbets lucky numbers results from all over the world. You just need to have a verified Hollywoodbets account to start making your lottery predictions.

Hence, first register an account and if you are interested in the welcome bonus, you can check if a Hollywoodbets promo code is needed. Continue reading to learn how to play, various tips, and potential payouts.

Hollywoodbets Lucky Number Results for Today

Hollywoodbets lets you bet on lucky number lotteries around the world. You can wager on lotto draws in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Canada, and Australia, among other countries. Once successfully logged into the Hollywoodbets account, you can click on the “Lucky Number” tab and select a draw from the listed countries. With up to 1775 draws available every week, you have multiple betting options to choose from. Hollywoodbets Lucky Number can be categorised as fixed odds betting.

Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers Results and Guide

How To Play Hollywoodbets Lucky Number?

To play the lucky numbers, you need to bet on numbers that will be drawn. You can stake your money as a punter on whether one, two, three, or four numbers will show up in the draw. Alternatively, you can bet on whether the bonus ball will be high (26-49) or low (1-24). You can further predict whether the bonus ball will be a single digit number. After that, you will have to wait for the Hollywoodbets Lucky Number results to determine your payout if you are lucky.

How to Find Results for Today on Official Sites?

Once the draws are completed, you can access the Hollywoodbets Lucky Number results posted on the betting site’s official online pages. When you click on the specific lotto you would wish to bet on, you will see the next time the live draw will take place. Once the live draw is completed, you can access the lucky number results 10-15 minutes after the draw. The results for the lotto games will remain accessible up to 2 hours before the next live draw. You can also access the up-to-minutes results of lotto games in South Africa by visiting sites such as SA Lotto and UK 49s.

How to Check Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers Results?

You can access the lotto results through various ways, including SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and Hollywoodbets Mobisite.


Hollywoodbets will share Lucky number results via SMS. If you send the lottery result keywords to 45294, you will receive an auto-reply message of the Hollywoodbets Lucky Number Results. For example, to receive the results for the UK49s afternoon draw, you will need to send UKAFT to 45294. You should send the SMS 10 minutes after the draw is completed for the South African lottery. For international draws, the SMS should be sent 15 minutes after completing the draw.


Hollywoodbets posts all the Lucky Number Results on its Facebook page every day. The results are usually uploaded a few minutes after completing the final draw.


You can also get the Hollywoodbets Lucky Number results on their Twitter page. Just as in the case of Facebook, Hollywoodbets uploads the results on their Twitter account just a few minutes after the draw is completed.

Hollywoodbets Mobisite

To access the results on mobisite, you must log in to your Hollywoodbets mobisite account. You can get the results of a given draw in the “Lucky Number” section.


How does the Hollywoodbets Lucky Number work?

To bet on Hollywoodbets’ lucky numbers, you need to select a given draw and predict how many of your selected balls will be drawn. For example, in the SA Lotto draw, you can predict whether one, two, three, or four of your selected number will be drawn. Your potential payout is determined by multiplying your stake with the odds of your selection.

How do you play Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers?

You will need to have a Hollywoodbets account to bet on lucky numbers. On the Hollywoodbets site, you should navigate to the “Lucky Number” section, select a specific draw and make your numbers predictions. You can also make predictions related to bonus balls.

How do you win Lucky Numbers on Hollywoodbets?

No tip can guarantee you a win. You can win the Hollywoodbets Lucky Number if you correctly predict how many times a number will feature in a draw. Since there are fixed odds for given predictions, your payout is calculated by multiplying the odds by your stake. You can also predict whether the bonus ball will be high (26-49) or low (1-24). You can also wager whether the bonus ball will be a single digit (1-9).