Last updated August 8, 2023

We prepared a guide on how to FICA at Hollywoodbets along with some relevant information about the Hollywoodbets registration and requirements for Hollywoodbets promo code.

How to FICA on Hollywoodbets?

Hollywoodbets is mandated by FICA to review all customer accounts and verify the identity of every customer in compliance with the FICA requirements. It verifies customers who had just registered at Hollywoodbets.

Whether or not a customer holds a Hollywoodbets account, if they are engaged in placing bets at Hollywoodbets, then that person must submit all FICA documents to the operator.

The regulations set by FICA include:

  • The information taken from the customers is stored by the operator for 5 years in compliance with FICA rules and regulations.
  • Besides the general identification documents such as an ID or passport, customers may be liable to provide additional supplementary documents as well.
  • These documents include, but are not limited to one’s drivers licence, proof of residence and other proof of identification.
  • Any time a person creates an account with Hollywoodbets, the person automatically provides consent to the operator to provide their details to third parties. These details are only given for the purpose of cross-checking and verifying the user’s identity and no personal details such as winnings and banking information are ever given out. In order to learn how to FICA on Hollywoodbets, users may visit the official site of FICA to retrieve the relevant information.

In the section of our guide, we will be listing the ways on how to FICA at Hollywoodbets. There is also a FICA bonus at Hollywoodbets that punters can avail by successfully providing their identifications and documents to the sportsbook.

How To FICA On Hollywoodbets

How to Upload FICA Documents on Hollywoodbets?

All customers at Hollywoodbets are required to provide copies of their identification in order to meet the requirements set by FICA.

The operator has a blog section where punters can learn how to FICA on Hollywoodbets. But we have also created a small guide so that new customers of Hollywoodbets can familiarize themselves with the procedure.

There are several ways to upload your documents for FICA on Hollywoodbets. Some of them include:

Self Service

Hollywoodbets has a self service portal where customers can upload their documents themselves. The portal can be accessed by visiting the Hollywoodbets website and navigating to the FICA section.

The section also lists the Hollywoodbets FICA guide, the Terms and Conditions on which documents are required and relevant links to FICA and other parties.

To use the self service portal, you must already have an account with Hollywoodbets. Once you enter the portal, you need to provide your Hollywoodbets ID number or registered phone number, proof of ID using passport or driver’s licence and proof of residence.

If you are using a smart card, you need to provide a picture of both sides of the card. Once you submit, the process takes 30 minutes to verify your account.


You can email Hollywoodbets at with all of the information listed on the website. This process may take a bit longer.

Facebook DM

You can also direct message the Hollywoodbets Facebook page with the relevant information. However, we would recommend verifying the page before you send any sensitive details.

There may be many pages with similar names and Hollywoodbets will not be liable for punters who have sent private information to an incorrect page.

Drop Off at Nearest Branch

Hollywoodbets has multiple physical locations where you can send printed copies of your identification. The list of branches can be found on the Hollywoodbets website.

FICA Checklist

It can get confusing keeping track of all the information and FICA documents that you need to provide to verify your account. So, we have created a checklist on how to FICA at Hollywoodbets and the documents you will need:

  • Copy of the National ID or Passport.
  • In case the permanent ID is damaged, lost, or for punters who only have a temporary ID, they can provide a copy of their driver’s licence.
  • In case of online verifications, the copies must be clear photographs where the details are clearly visible.

How to FICA on Hollywoodbets FAQ

Hollywoodbets is a secure and safe bookmaker and you don’t need to be worried about providing your FICA documents. The operator is very helpful in terms of any technical issues or queries that you might have.

However, we’ve gone ahead and answered some FAQs in case these take care of any immediate queries about Hollywoodbets.

What are Hollywoodbets FICA documents?

Hollywoodbets requires all new customers to upload their proof of identity in the form of an ID or passport to the website.
All customers are required to provide these details in order to activate their Hollywoodbets account.
Failure to comply with the rules of FICA might result in the restriction of the customers account and denying any bets made by the customer.

How long does FICA verification take on Hollywoodbets?

FICA verification is mandatory for all customers to complete in order to verify and activate their accounts. The process according to Hollywoodbets might take up to 30 minutes to be complete.
And customers are sent a notification to their phone via text message once the process is complete.

Can you withdraw from Hollywoodbets without FICA?

To withdraw from Hollywoodbets, all customers are required to have a verified and activated ID. This can be done by uploading the proper FICA documentation on the website. If you have not completed this verification, your withdrawal request will not be processed.
For details on how to FICA at Hollywoodbets, you can take a look at the official website.

What is Hollywoodbets FICA bonus?

If you already know how to FICA at Hollywoodbets, get your verification done because the operator has an exciting bonus for it. Once your FICA documentation has been fully submitted to the operator, your account will be credited with an R25 bonus.