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It is crucial to understand the Supabets withdrawal process for bettors in South Africa. Our Supabets review provides a concise overview of how to withdraw from Supabets in 2024. Journey with us as we learn how to withdraw from Supabets.

How Do I Make a Withdrawal with Supabets in South Africa?

The Supabets withdrawal process is easy. Bettors eager to learn how to withdraw from Supabets can do so by following these steps.

  1. Visit the Supabets website.
    Supabets Website
  2. Log in to your account.
    Supabets Login
  3. Go to the account balance page.
  4. Select the Withdrawal menu and choose a withdrawal method.
  5. Input the withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction.
Supabets Withdrawal

Note that the online bookmaker does not require a Supabets promo code to withdraw. Required information includes your mobile number and FICA documentation. Notify the Supabets support team via email if your mobile number has changed or is lost.

What Are the Different Ways to Withdraw from Supabets in South Africa?

There are three popular Supabets withdrawal methods: Cardless OTP, Voucher, and EFT. Find further details about withdrawal rules, fees, and processing times below.

Cardless OTP

Cardless OTP is a popular Supabets withdrawal method due to its convenience. Follow these steps to use this method.

  1. Log into your Supabets account.
  2. Click on “Balance” to view your available withdrawal amount.
  3. Select “Withdrawal” and choose “Cardless OTP” from the withdrawal options.
  4. Pick your preferred Cardless OTP option – FNB eWallet PRO, Standard Bank Instant Money, and Supabets OTP.
  5. Complete the process and wait for confirmation.

The daily withdrawal limits are R2,500 for FNB and R5,000 for Standard Bank. This method has a monthly limit of R25,000. Once the withdrawal is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS. The funds can be withdrawn from specified ATMs and retailers providing the selected service. Note that all withdrawals are audited and processed within 24 hours.


Next up is Vouchers. They are one of the Supabets withdrawal options and can be used like this.

  1. Log into your Supabets account.
  2. Click on “Balance” and select “Withdrawal”.
  3. Pick “Voucher” from the withdrawal options.
  4. Confirm your mobile number.
  5. Receive and confirm the PIN code sent to your mobile number.


The EFT method is also available for Supabets withdrawal. This traditionally modern method can be accessed following these steps.

  1. Log into your Supabets account.
  2. Then, head to the “Balance” section.
  3. Afterward, click on the “Withdrawal” menu.
  4. Select “EFT” from the withdrawal options.
  5. Fill in your banking details and the amount you wish to withdraw.

The EFT Supabets withdrawal time takes 1-3 working days, depending on your bank. You’ll need to upload all requested documents to complete your withdrawal request.

The table below summarises these pieces of information.

Withdraw MethodsAverage Processing TimeWithdrawal Limit
EFT1-3 working daysR2,500 (FNB daily), R5,000 (Standard Bank daily), R25,000 (monthly)
VoucherInstantDepends on account balance
Cardless OTPWithin 24 hoursDepends on account balance

Restrictions and Conditions for Withdrawing from Supabets in South Africa

Supabets has several restrictions and requirements in place. They help ensure that bettors have secure and efficient withdrawals. Bettors who understand these conditions will find it easy and smooth to access the Supabets withdrawal process.

Account Verification

Before you can make a withdrawal, it’s expected that you completed the Supabets registration with the correct phone or mobile number. This is because this number becomes the primary channel through which Supabets will contact and communicate with you. If your mobile number was changed or lost, you need to notify the Supabets support team via email immediately.

FICA Documentation

Supabets requires the correct FICA documentation for withdrawals. This includes a certified copy of your ID or a copy of your passport. If you’re not a South African citizen, you need to provide a copy of your visa, Permit, or Asylum Seeker Permit. These documents serve as proof that you are a legal resident of South Africa.

Bettors are also required to provide proof of residence as part of the FICA documentation. Bettors can submit their FICA documents to the bookmaker’s customer support email or via their WhatsApp line.

Withdrawal Limits

All Supabets withdrawal methods have their own limits. The online sports betting brand imposes withdrawal limits. This is a function of the withdrawal method used.

For Cardless OTP, clients can request a maximum of R2,500 a day with FNB and R5,000 a day with Standard Bank. The monthly limit for Cardless OTP is R25,000. Finally, the withdrawal methods limits for Voucher and EFT methods depend on your account balance.

Processing Time

The Supabets withdrawal time varies depending on the method used. For example, Voucher withdrawals are the quickest and they are processed almost instantly. Cardless OTP withdrawals take a longer time typically being processed within 24 hours. EFT withdrawals take the longest time, taking as long as 1-3 working days to reflect in your account; this depends on the banking institution you are using.

Note that all withdrawals go through an audit and all pay-outs are processed within their stipulated times. Once you have a full grasp of these restrictions and conditions, you will begin to have a smooth and efficient withdrawal experience.

To Conclude – Withdrawal with Supabets in South Africa

The Supabets withdrawal process is pretty much easy and straightforward. It is comparable to many other betting sites in South Africa in terms of its seamlessness. This withdrawal guide has provided you with an extensive overview of the three main withdrawal methods. Namely, Cardless OTP, Voucher, and EFT.

Each withdrawal method is unique and has its own peculiar mode of operation. Supabets withdrawal methods have their own set of terms (rules, fees, and processing times) governing them. Notably, these distinct and peculiar conditions are designed to make your withdrawals as smooth as possible.

Remember, that completing the FICA documentation is a mandatory step. It must be done before initiating any withdrawal request. Again, ensure you have registered with the correct mobile telephone number and that all your information is inputted accurately. This will prevent you from having delays or failed transactions arising from such errors.

Furthermore, understanding the withdrawal limits and processing times for each method can also help you plan your withdrawals effectively.

You can successfully withdraw money from your Supabets account by following the steps outlined in this guide. Betting should be an entertaining activity and the withdrawal process is a vital part of that interactive experience.

For more information on Supabets and its other offerings, be sure to check out our comprehensive Supabets review page.

Supabets Withdrawal – FAQs

Going through the Supabets withdrawal process can raise several questions. In this section, we answer some common questions to help clarify and shed light on the withdrawal process.

At the end of it, you will have a concise understanding. Keep reading to know more.

There are 3 withdrawal methods. They are Cardless OTP, Voucher, and EFT.

You can initiate a withdrawal by logging into your Supabets account, clicking on “Balance”, and then selecting “Withdrawal”. A screen will appear with the withdrawal options. Supabets App withdrawal is currently unavailable.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on your account balance and the withdrawal method you choose.

Cardless OTP withdrawals are typically processed within 24 hours while EFT withdrawals take 1-3 working days, depending on your bank. Vouchers, however, are processed instantly.

There are no Supabets withdrawal fees. However, certain banks may charge stipulated withdrawal fees for EFT transactions.

Yes, you need to provide the correct FICA documentation before making a Supabets deposit or withdrawal.

If your withdrawal is not being processed, kindly contact the Supabets support team via email.